Appa Technologies

Biometric Identity Intelligence Resource (BI2R)
Appa Technologies currently sub-contracts to Northrop Grumman in support of the Biometric Identity Intelligence Resource (BI2R).  

BI2R is a massive repository linking disparate biometric intelligence-gathering tools and databases and is currently in use in Iraq and Afghanistan to identify and track terrorists, insurgents or other potential threats. BI2R includes data from a variety of biometric-enabled systems, including hand-held devices carried by U.S. military forces while conducting raids in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as systems used to biometrically scan personnel entering overseas military installations or applying for U.S. jobs, and includes data such as fingerprints or DNA samples found on bomb fragments. 

Appa and its employees currently provide database architecture, database administration, java development, and software testing for the BI2R system.  We build and work on proven agile methodologies.